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La Corallina’ started off in 2010 as a small family-run business in a typical Florentine workshop. Since then it has come a long way but it still maintains its original family structure. From the very beginning, our focus has been on researching the right decorations and shapes whilst constantly improving our artisanal manufacturing techniques and materials.

It all began with the opening of a small workshop in Florence. Gioia and Piero, the founders of this company, had the intuition to combine creativity and innovative craftsmanship, in the ultimate Tuscan art city, which immediately proved to be very successful.

La Corallina’ is in constant growth, both in numbers and in personnel, with the initial addition of Mario and Valentina followed by Caterina, Lorenzo and Elena. The first ‘La Corallina’ store opens in Florence, followed by the opening of another one in 2016, in Marina di Campo on the island of Elba.

We supply some very important clients such as Etro, Lisa Corti, Bergdorf Goodman, Ricasoli, Martini and Rossi, Four Seasons and many others.

La Corallina ’grows and ventures on the international market with new clients in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

In 2018, with the launching of e-commerce, a new chapter is added to the ‘La Corallina’ story. Our aim is to continue with the original project, that is to offer our customers elegant and exclusive handmade home furnishings and accessories, but also bespoke and tailor-made items.


Our Laboratory

We personally create handmade furnishings and home accessories. In our sales outlets and on this website you can discover elegant table mats, trays, coasters, lamps and lampshades and coffee tables.


Via ARETINA 37 Rosso
Firenze - Italy
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