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As summer approaches, our beach house also needs a makeover. You begin to be able to spend beautiful days outdoors, enjoy the first warm suns of summer and even the house needs to redo its look to accommodate our moments of relaxation in maximum comfort.

Spazi all’aperto con Paralume Laghetto, un tocco orientale con richiamo marino

Corallina offers, for home decor, a whole collection of sea lampshades in theme with the colors, shapes and marine environments of all Italy!

You can range from the lampshade with shells, starfish or our inimitable fish Renard: a tribute to the artist Louis Renard who in his work Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes, de diverses couleurs et figures extraordinaires, que l’on trouve autour des isles Moluques et sur les côtes des terres Australes , which he himself published in 1719 in only 100 copies, imagined a fantastic world of colorful sea creatures.

La Corallina proposes, every year, new models to satisfy every taste and also this year we have decided to include in our catalog new colored lampshades with a nautical style very much in demand by our customers.

Paralumi a righe colorate o floreali per la casa al mare.

After choosing the decoration you like most, the question we are often asked is …

Warm or cold light for the lampshade?

It depends on the type of effect we want to achieve.

If we are in an environment rich in history, where wood prevails, perhaps consumed by salt and we want to maintain this historical balance, a warm light is the most suitable choice.
Combined with wood paneling and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we can be sure that it will make us feel in the middle of the ocean.
If, on the other hand, we are in a youthful environment, full of enthusiasm that we always want to keep moving, natural white or cold white light is the most suitable choice.
So what are you waiting for? A look at our section sea lampshades to get started and receive them comfortably at home without long waits.