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When it comes to Home Decor, we must immerse ourselves in the world of interior decoration and home furnishing design. Home Decor is, as for the artist, the final touch to a painting, to a sculpture: it is that detail that makes the work of art unique.

In furnishing their home, more and more people are looking for new ideas in the details to recreate and look for a reason, a theme, that is, to retrace a feeling that makes being at home, in your living room and in your bedroom, pleasant and rewarding, in harmony with things. that surround us.

We all have a habitat that best represents us: exotic, oriental, urban, rural, natural, sporty…. Each of us is comfortable in an environment that is familiar, known or perhaps inspires curiosity, fills us with passion.

Here, home decor was born with the intention of making even the smallest detail a central element in the construction of these places where we spend much of our daily life.

The colors are very important, the combination of the same but above all the objects that in common use can help to emphasize our personality and our tastes.

La Corallina, with its handcrafted products made entirely in Florence, wants to contribute with its lampshades, placemats, trays and tables to find the best for your home. While home decor wants to focus on individual details, we must not forget that Artisan Home Decor is the real revolution in the world of furniture.

Because behind every handcrafted product we can find a story, a discovery, made up of people who have materially created a small part of this large painting that is your home.

Find out more on our website: www.lacorallina-firenze.it/blog

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