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Among the many possibilities of furnishing a room there is certainly a very persuasive and highly sought-after trend: the arabesque style.

We use it to decorate with precise and well-defined geometric shapes, often associated with the search for feelings of serenity and inner beauty. The arabesque style has a clear oriental origin, linked to the decoration of mosques and places of prayer first and then entering the home design of the most illustrious and elegant homes in the cities.

A peculiarity of the arabesque style is the complete absence of human representations: a dictate of the Islamic faith that peremptorily prohibits the representation of people in places of worship.

This “imposition” therefore also continues in the furnishings of the house where repetitive and symmetrical motifs alternate instead of human figures.

Furnishing in an arabesque way has many strengths, certainly the most important are the following:

  • A style with very sinuous lines
  • Strong prevalence of weaves reminiscent of floral textures.
  • Use of strong colors such as red, yellow, purple.
  • Symmetry, which reminds us of the pursuit of perfection.


The arabesque style therefore does not go unnoticed. We can consider it as a very impactful choice that actually plays on several fronts. In fact, let’s think about the choice of furniture for a bedroom: few elements but with a strong character such as the canopy bed, surrounded by very colorful fabrics and fabrics. Few other elements like the iron floor lamps and velvet cushions.

La Corallina has also created a line of handcrafted lampshades suitable for this style for the lighting, offering both the truncated cone format and the bedside wall lights. You can find a selection of arabesque lampshades right at this link.