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Manual skills, ingenuity, creativity: with these ingredients La Corallina was born more than 10 years ago to promote and strengthen craftsmanship for Home Decor. In fact, since the beginning of this adventure, we have been making lampshades, placemats, cushions, trays to furnish your home entirely by hand.

Interno Showroom

It would seem like a company against the tide, we live in an increasingly technological world where everyone has at least one smartphone, a tablet, a smart TV …
Instead, your constant and growing confidence in our work has brought many innovations to Corallina and thanks to this beautiful synergy between craftsmanship and technology we are able to reach you in every corner of the planet and bring our colors and our style.

The beauty of our mission lies precisely in being able to guarantee each of you that the creations you receive comfortably at home have been made, one by one, by our craftsmen. Every single lampshade, placemat, cushion was created specifically for those who wanted to buy it.

The lampshades are the protagonists of the month of March:
we asked the guys at @elbacolors to help us tell and show you how we create each single lampshade and we could only choose better collaborators!

Everything comes from the canvas on which we imprint the chosen decoration. We check the color rendering, the definition of the contours, the cleaning and finally the borders. With the care and patience of Caterina and Valentina, the preparations for the packaging begin: the choice of trimmings (we have dozens of colors with which it is possible to combine all our lampshades) and frames to make the lampshade or suspension for the ceiling or for a lamp base.

Then the slow and meticulous work of assembling the canvas to the chosen supports begins and slowly the structure of the lampshade begins to take shape: cylindrical or truncated cone?

Finally the last finishing touches, a check on the colored borders and voila! Here the lampshade is finished! Ready to be delivered to our customers.




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And watch our video… it is truly a marvel!