Many rightly ask us how to use, clean and what our plates are made of.

So much curiosity that rightly craves for answers. And here it is, after the good success of “Paralumi la Corallina – Instructions for use” here is a small and simple guide on La Corallina Plates. Ready for reading? Let’s go!

Let’s start: what are these Placemats and what are they for?

La Corallina Placemats are real furnishing accessories that enrich the table’s equipment. Our Placemats have different sizes and shapes. In fact, they can be round or rectangular. In addition to the Placemats La Corallina also manufactures the “small pieces” which are the Coasters and the Bottle Bottles.

How they are made?

All our Placemats are made of wood fiber. This very resistant wood fiber is embellished with a lacquer on the surface. The back of all our Placemats are doubled with a natural cork leaf. All our raw materials come exclusively from suppliers who guarantee the replanting of trees and are subject to the criteria and protocols branded FSC.

How are they used?

All the Placemats as well as the Glass Coasters and the Bottle Coasters are used to preserve the table and the tablecloth. They can also be used to place dishes at very high temperatures (up to 180 °) on them.

How can they be cleaned?

The Placemats can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth without using aggressive acid-like agents. Just a neutral soap or a spray for household cleaning. They must absolutely not be poured into water or in the dishwasher.

Can I use them as a cutting board?

No, they cannot be used as cutting boards since they would damage the surface and therefore ruin the design.

Are there “special” rules for matching the Placemats?

Absolutely! Everyone is free to choose the decorations and formats they prefer! There can be many combinations to set the table. The only rule is that … there are no rules!

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