La Corallina is above all handmade lampshades. But how are La Corallina lampshades made? What is special about them? How are they made? How big are they? How can I order them on the site? …

There are many questions you have asked us over the months. It all stems from the curiosity of knowing a product to the full that can really change the look of a room, a hotel, an office. But let’s proceed in order and try, with this small handbook, to answer all your curiosities. Ready? Let’s go!

1- How are La Corallina lampshades made?

The handmade lampshades by La Corallina are made with canvas prints through water-based colors. Our canvas prints are then reinforced by a backlight sheet that gives the lampshade resistance and optimizes the light yield. The assembly of all our printed canvases takes place on frames for lampshades equipped, all with a standard E27 light fitting. All processing phases are completely handmade and all take place in Florence, in the Lungarno Francesco Ferrucci 21 laboratories.

2- What do you mean when you say “diameter size …”?

By definition the diameter is the length between two points of a circumference passing through the center. In lampshades the same concept applies, paying attention only to which lampshade we are referring to:

in the case of CYLINDRICAL lampshades the size of the two circumferences (the base and the top) are identical, therefore there is no possibility of error.

In the CONE TRUNK the diameter measurement refers EXCLUSIVELY to the circumference which is at the BASE of the lampshade. To be clear: the truncated cone lampshades are ideally pyramids without the tip: here, the circumference you choose when ordering refers to the size of the BASE of this pyramid.

For wall lights / fans the diameter refers to the maximum width they occupy. Our fans / sconces are always of two sizes, or 25 or 35 centimeters. In both cases their height is 20 cm.

3 – Well, but how high are your lampshades instead?

Our lampshades in the truncated cone format follow the rule of 3. We explain better: in the lampshade diameter 25 the height is 15 centimeters, in the diameter 30 it is 18 centimeters, in the lampshade diameter 35 it is 21 centimeters …. therefore in essence here is the proportion diameter – height of our lampshades:
Lampshade diam. 25 high 15
Lampshade diam. 30 high 18
Lampshade diam. 35 high 21
Lampshade diam. 40 high 24
Lampshade diam. 45 high 27
Lampshade diam. 50 high 30
Lampshade diam. 55 high 33

As for cylindrical lampshades, however, the height does not follow a fixed rule but we have a range of heights that are from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40 centimeters.

4 – The lampshades I am looking for can be hung on the ceiling or in any case with the light attachment on top, is it possible to choose the type of light attachment?

Of course! And it is precisely from this customer request that La Corallina recently adopted the new option when ordering to directly select the type of light attachment: either at the base to use the lampshades on lamps or at the top to hang them from the ceiling or arched or original bases.

5 – How are the lampshades maintained? Do I have to use special care?

The experience of years of work has taught us that the best maintenance of our products is normal cleaning. The lampshades do not absorb particular odors (such as that of the kitchen) and do not wear out if mounted inside rooms and bedrooms. To clean a lampshade, simply dust it with the classic dust catchers. The canvas on which the color is printed must not be washed with any product.

6 – I am not sure of my light attack, it seems smaller than what I have seen from you …

The frames of La Corallina have a provision for E27 type bulb hooks. The E27 hook is by far the most used in the Italian and European context. It may happen that reducers (supplied on request) must be used for smaller bulbs (E14). If necessary, we ask you to specify it in the order notes to add, free of charge, the simple reducer to be applied to the attachment.

7 – We noticed that the edge of the lampshades is not always the same, it changes according to the design. Can I choose the color even if I don’t find it in the photos?

Of course! this is another option, at no cost, reserved for all our customers. The colored borders that you find applied in our shop and in the gallery are chosen exclusively on the basis of the taste and inspiration of our craftsmen. If you order online the same colored border that you see in the photograph will be applied but if you are not convinced of this choice you can safely choose the color you like best. Just communicate it in the notes to the purchase and we will customize your lampshade with the most congenial border.

8 – I saw on your social of the lampshades that I do not find on the website. How do I get them?

It may happen that some lampshades are not yet available online. The La Corallina Catalog includes hundreds of products that we are putting on our e-commerce day after day. If you are interested in a product not yet available online, don’t worry! Just write to and we will create, with the same timing and guarantees, the lampshade you are looking for!

9 – How can I recognize an original “La Corallina” product?

La Corallina lampshades are only available in selected stores that you can find by clicking here. On line the sale of our lampshades is entrusted exclusively to our website. No other commercial platform, site or anything else can sell our products. All La Corallina lampshades are signed and / or sold with the Handemade La Corallina seal of quality

10 – Can I speak to any of you for more details?

Of course! You can contact us at our showroom in Florence at 0556800313 from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00.

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