Why choose Placemats La Corallina?

The Placemats of La Corallina are the true and authentic Made in Italy furnishing accessories. We at Corallina work every single Placemats by hand and the prints we make are the result of careful and scrupulous research. For 10 years, La Corallina Placemats are the only ones guaranteed for contact with very hot objects (up to temperatures of 180 degrees) and the only ones with the back in 100% natural cork leaf. Extremely pleasant on the roof, robust and elegant, our combination of reflecting and coloring gives each single plate the right and inimitable quality that has always distinguished them.

What are the La Corallina Placemats made of?

All our Placemats are born from the processing of wood from forests with the obligation of replanting. Wood fibers are processed and cut according to our processing standards and formats. The surface lacquering allows the coloring which takes place with water-based colors. The back of our placemats, on the other hand, is enriched with a natural cork leaf that makes them non-slip.

How are La Corallina Placemats mats used?

Our Placemats are designed to be used in table equipment. They have a stain-proof surface and therefore if they get dirty they can be easily cleaned with a simple neutral detergent. The Placemats can also be hung as paintings (many of our customers have done it, look here!) Important precautions: the Placemats are not cutting boards, it is advisable not to cut on them in order to avoid scratches and cracks. The mats must not be cleaned in dishwashers or with acid and aggressive detergents. The lacquering allows a very simple removal of dirt even with a simple damp cloth. Do not use bleach and acid based cleaners.

The placemats I bought are not 100% the same, there are some small differences. Why?

Our Placemats are entirely handmade products. Our processes are never 100% identical and therefore some small differences may emerge between identical placemats. This is the strength and peculiarity of our completely handmade products. We did not want to “industrialize” our creations because we believe the manual coloring and printing of the arts to be protected and enhanced day after day. This choice, which obviously had consequences in the organization of the work, has the great advantage of bringing truly unique products to your tables.

Do coasters and bottle-coasters also have the same qualities as coasters?

Certainly, each creation of La Corallina follows the exact same passages as the Placemats. Only the format of the chosen piece of furniture changes.

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