Our first online year was truly a success! Many customers have discovered or found us thanks to the network. Our social channels first of all: Facebook and Instagram were really a turning point. We interacted with many customers who have become real “ambassadors” of La Corallina. We have grown, we have worked hard for this first goal and we are delighted with these results. Requests, orders, or simple curiosity came from all over Europe, America and Russia. It has been a year full of innovations: the new customizable placemats, the fabric placemats, the runners, the iron and wicker trays. We tried to convey a home decorating project that appeals to all different age groups, to the most diverse tastes. We started by strongly believing in the real strength of an artisan and innovative work. Thanks to your trust and your positive feedback we jumped to the top of the search engine rankings in a flash. It was a year full of news, as we said at the beginning, and also for us it was a big surprise to manage and satisfy the hundreds of orders and requests. We know that there is still a lot to do and 2020 will focus precisely on improving our performance. We are sure that your support will not fail and above all your energy in following us and preferring us for your shopping. From La Corallina-Firenze.it a sincere wish for a happy new year to everyone! And above all … Thanks!

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