La Corallina’s mission is to create spaces furnished with taste and elegance, succeeding in proposing handcrafted and precious furnishings.
For this reason, the Home Decor represents the ideal space for all of us to meet your tastes, preferences and curiosity, trying to satisfy a legitimate request for quality at a good price.
We at Corallina have understood this for a long time and for this reason, year after year, we propose new subjects and furnishing complements, increasingly enriching our proposal: placemats, lampshades, trays, baskets, cushions … increasingly sought after and desired.

Customizing an environment by carefully choosing the necessary accessories is perhaps the best moment of the whole Home Decor process. With La Corallina products you can give real added value to your spaces!

But how does a product named “La Corallina” come about? What is the magic formula?
No inscrutable secrets: we start from listening to your suggestions and from our curiosity to always explore new aesthetic horizons.

We are fans of Interior Desgin but also of sixteenth-century tapestries. We browse entire books of modern cartography and browse the net by consulting hundreds of library volumes of everything in a way. We read old postcards and share a post on Instagram or Facebook. Let’s explore. Continuously.

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